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About us

Gloriana Fashion was established in July 2019, in Cambridge, UK with the mission to contribute to the change in the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

We need to change the way we consume and what we demand from manufacturers, questioning the source and environmental impact of our purchases, and making sustainable choices by choosing durable alternatives.
Gloriana is here to offer affordable yet stylish lingerie and swimwear products for environmentally conscious people willing to make a change in their fashion consumption habits.
We care about ethical production - our supply chain is constantly monitored and regulated by BSCI standards that ensure fair wages, safe working environments, and pastoral support for all parties involved in the production of items that arrive at your door.
We care about empowering women - Gloriana is a female-owned business, and so is its main supplier. We believe that upsetting the fashion industry and increasing demand and supply for affordable and sustainable alternatives goes hand in hand with female empowerment.
Our products made from recycled materials strive to protect our environmental resources and create as little negative impact as possible. We are always trying to educate ourselves and learn more about how we can make our supply chain more ecologically responsible. We would love to hear any suggestions or comments you may have on how we can do better.

Our founder

Our founder, Elif, is originally from Turkey, and moved to Cambridge for a masters' degree in Social Psychology and has immediately fallen in love with the city.

She worked on projects that promote sustainable practices in food consumption, energy efficiency, and operations management before focusing on the growing demand for eco-friendly fashion solutions. 

Inspired by the slow-paced life in Cambridge and beautiful landscapes surrounding it, Elif decided to launch a brand that would strive to reconcile customers' desire to express themselves through fashion with their wish to protect the environment. 

Elif believes that love for fashion and love for the planet an co-exist together if the environmental impacts of the production process are kept to a minimum, if consumption trends shift to the purchase of durable, timeless products, and if sustainable alternatives are made to be as appealing and affordable as their fast fashion counterparts. 

She hopes Gloriana will become an important part of the fashion revolution towards a more conscientious, responsible, and innovative industry.