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Sustainability Practices

Suppliers and Purchasing

Gloriana believes that sustainability means social as well as environmental responsibility. We only work with manufacturers that assure fair and safe working conditions for their employees in every step of our supply chain. Transparency, routine external audits, and a determination to improve and grow together are key to our successful business partnerships that ensure the end product that reaches our customers is truly sustainably made. 

Global Recycled Standard 

For our recycled lingerie range, our supplier is Global Recycled Standard certified, meaning that every step of their manufacturing process is transparent and the recyclable content of the end product is . The certification also ensures the production chain is socially and environmentally responsible and its chemical impacts are analyzed and reduced.  


Our brand is managed and run by our founder, making our business as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible. We work with bigger suppliers and manufacturers whose infrastructures make it possible for us to get our products to you without having to operate and maintain facilities ourselves. We are based in a co-working office where physical spaces and amenities are shared, collectively reducing our environmental impact. 


The e-commerce business model helps us reduce our total emissions by minimizing our need for infrastructure and eliminating the costly upkeep of a physical store while allowing us to reach a wide variety of customers as our brand grows.

Packaging and delivery

Our cardboard packaging is made from 90% recycled content and is plastic free. The water-based ink print and no glue use further decreases the environmental impact of our packages and their practical design makes them great for reuse! All our labels and tags are also made from recycled material and are kept to a minimum to reduce waste.